Angry Customers and Business Opportunity

To achieve customer service excellence, you must first understand the task at hand.  Regardless of your industry, you are likely to face unhappy customers.  That’s the nature of the business.  Dissatisfied customers carry a distinct thought process to their customer care encounters, and it’s important to train your reps accordingly.  Providing a customer service representative with an understanding of common thoughts of unhappy consumers can substantially strengthen the agent’s capacity to regulate their own feelings during challenging and intimidating experiences.  In turn, this will lead to healthier client recoveries.

The primary job of your staff is to please and placate customers.  Exactly how well they cope with an enraged customer will essentially measure their proficiency in customer support.

The first thing you must stress to your reps is that any time he or she faces an angry customer it is often because they have a specific gripe or complaint.

The complaint may very well be reasonable.  Often, they make no sense, but unfortunately, they are directing the issue to your company and staff.  It is essential that your reps understand that this is typical and not to take it personally.  Customers generally just want to get something off of their chests and target the person who answers the phone.

When faced with this situation, your agents should capture itemized insights of each and every customer complaint.  They should listen quietly and attentively, and once the caller is done, your rep should go into full damage control.

First, she should start the conversation by showing her understanding of what the customer is experiencing.

Second, she should recap what the individual told her without coming across as harsh or irritated.  Under no circumstances should she condemn the client for the problem.  By systematically dealing with the complaints at hand, your rep will show that she was paying attention.  The caller will respect the care, and usually calm down to some degree.

Finally, your rep should be accountable.  She should strive to handle the matter on her own, and not jump at the likely opportunity to pass the call off to her supervisor.  After all, there’s nothing more aggravating than having to re-explain a dilemma to a new listener.

Angry customers usually call support lines with low expectations.  If your rep can excel at satisfying the caller, the once-problem can turn into a positive opportunity.  The now-happy caller might tell others about the the quality and resolve of your customer service department.

In other words, the more negative the customer’s mindset, the better your chances are to significantly exceed their outlook.  Authentic customer assistance frequently turns into customer loyalty.

The bottom line is this:  If your reps can provide quality support, they can turn lemons into lemonade by transforming a negative into a positive.

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