Four Qualities of Innovative Managers

Contemporary managers must be bold to transform their organizations into industry leaders. Quite often, managers must first evaluate and transform their own methods. After all, it takes a lot to aggressively implement change. That said, innovative managers don’t necessarily have to be all that unique. In fact, there are remarkable similarities in modern managers who are successful agents of change.

Process Oriented

Innovative managers won’t be able to truly hit their targets by cautiously tending to minor and specific tasks and thinking “inside the box”. To effectively implement change, managers must evaluate processes as a whole that transcend organizational boundaries.


Without ambition, managers will struggle to realize breakthrough change. Trivial improvements just won’t cut it. Innovative managers think big.


Managers must disregard tradition and rethink their processes. They must do whatever it takes to ignore long-held assumptions related to specialization, timing, and role definition.


Breakthrough companies move beyond the “old way” of doing business by quickly adopting new technology to implement new process models. Technology can be a vehicle through which your company can radically introduce new methods.

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