The Magic Moment

Google Apps is evolving.  It’s not just about a platform anymore.  Google Apps is about fundamentally changing the way our customers and their organizations work.  It’s about companies embracing change, understanding that their employees and the world are evolving, and taking action to empower their teams to take business to the next level.  Most of all, its about Working The Way We Live.

So, what does this mean for Google Apps resellers?  Well, we know the products work.  We can demonstrate, over and over, the obvious value of the product set to our prospects and customers.  But, so can our competitors.  Lets shift our approach, not just in our demos, but in each and every conversation.  Sales is about art.  It is art.  Anyone can log into Gmail and show someone where the compose button is and how labels work.

But, you can listen to your customers.  Really listen to them.  Understand their concerns and challenges, and then paint them a picture.  Paint them a picture using the bold colors that are our products, and show them how Google Apps and the cloud will change everything.  This is the real value of the platform.  We can be painting masterpieces for each and every prospect; this is the true value that can be brought to the table.

Now, I never said this would be easy.  It will be hard.  It means learning about their business, maybe even their industry.  It means knowing our product and process, inside and out.  We’ll all confront customers who don’t get it, who aren’t interested in change, or who just want to hear the numbers.

Each of us will have these challenges.  Remember, we’re in this together.  With every challenge, there is an opportunity in disguise.  If you are struggling with a prospect, and reaching the end of your creativity, keep your eye on the real prize, The Magic Moment.  That is the moment when your customer is watching a demo, listening to your solution, or just trying to understand the value, and then BAM, it just clicks. His face lights up, you can hear it in his voice, and he ‘gets it’.  Right at that moment, he realizes that Google Apps will change everything.  We all should be striving for that moment with every single customer.

To resellers selling the value of Google Apps, I present a challenge.  I challenge every one of you to stop for a few minutes, sit back, and think.  Think about the role you all play with your customers, and the conversations you have.  Ask this question: “Am I delivering value to my customers.  Do I paint the picture of a solution that will lead to a magic moment, and change everything?”  When we stop selling product, and start pitching solutions; thats when the game will change completely.

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