Culture Change Management

Cycle of culture changeManagers intent on making widespread changes must first consider their company’s corporate culture. These cultures are notoriously static, and must be effectively shifted for the company to remain profitable and competitive. Instituting cultural change must be a thorough, delicate, meticulous, and systematic approach to be successful.

Change management can be a challenging process. Quite often, managers look to third parties to assist and offer an impartiality that can help influence employees. Outsourced consultants can help an organization through the transitional process and validate the reasons the change was approached in the first place.

Third party consultants will assess the corporate climate to determine how change will affect its culture. They will diagnose and identify how resistant employees may be to the recommended changes and gauge how effectively the goals can be realized.

First, the consultant will will collect information on stakeholder attitudes and personalities to determine the obstacles you will face while undertaking a cultural transformation. It will also go a long ways towards determining the level of commitment on behalf of both general employees and stakeholders.

Second, the consultant will plot a path towards culture change success. The change plan will include a series of steps to mitigate risk and diminish all likely encounters of resistance. The plan will also help bring everyone on the same page and create the sense of a shared mission and vision. By specifically outlining the strategy on paper, the consultant will be able to express a timeline for delivering information to the workforce. The outline will create benchmarks and scorecards to measure the performance of the stakeholders and employees alike.

Lastly, the management consultant will undertake activities to help validate the entire process. They will periodically check in to identify any good intentions gone astray. The reviews will allow the consultant to step in and steer everyone back in the right direction. The consultant can reinforce the cultural change acceptance through individual training, workshops, and coaching seminars.

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